Khaad movie reviews

Khaad movie is Travelers story. It is group bus traveling to the mountains of North Bengal. They meet accident as the bus falls straight down the mountains. It is adventure movie.
History Sumary:

Because of a train strike, a group of tourists, mostly unrelated to each other, get stuck in New Mal Junction. These people are honeymooners (Saheb and Mimi), family vacationers (Pallavi, Koushik, Tridha ), an ailing mother and her son (Lily Chakraborty, Kaushik Ganguly), a priest (Ardhendu Banerjee), a heroine and her abnormal brother (Gargi Roy Choudhury, Rajdeep Ghosh), one trekker (Kamaleshwar Mukherjee), a bus conductor (Rudranil), and a retired teacher (Maasud Akthar).
One of many visitors, the particular priest deals with to prepare any tour bus from your cathedral so they can attain N . Bengal. One other visitors furthermore become a member of your pet inside the tour bus vacation, yet sadly the particular tour bus satisfies using a awful automobile accident. That comes away from any steep ledge directly into a great abyss, nevertheless the visitors make it through together with modest accidents. Wounded and also traumatized, they will recognize that they've got grow to be entirely indifferent coming from virtually any kind of individual make contact with. It absolutely was furthermore extremely hard to be able to rise 400-500 toes thus effortlessly through the daylight hours in which have been outstanding in which evening. So they really determine to pay in which night time right now there and also consider they are going to look for one more solution the very next day. Although shelling out in which night time, they will opt to enjoy a casino game. The particular priest implies a casino game which can be to be able to expose every person's key or perhaps whatever anyone desires to concede for the planet yet by no means obtained braveness. This kind of key will be being put aside inside the particular abyss and also coming from the very next day, they are able to commence anew. Every person confirms. Steadily, the specific situation starts off to improve even though the video game moves along. Every person's darkest strategies are usually uncovered one at a time. This kind of continues on before the tiny hrs regarding the night.
Director : Kaushik Ganguly
Starring : Mimi Chakraborty, Kamaleswar, Tanusree, Shaheb, Rudronil, Ardhendu, Pallavi, Gargi roy, Bharat, Tridha, Lily and others

Movie time: 1.59 Hours

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Yoddha movie reviws

Story: Abir/Rudra (Dev) is an expert contender who recollects his past lifetime when he inadvertently touches his sweetheart Nandini/Durga (Mimi). At that point starts a trip that builds up and finally finish in the annihilation of his chief foe Raghab/Ranabeer (Nigel).

Starring :
Mimi Chakraborty, Dev,
Nigel Akkara, Rajatava Dutta,
Direction- Raj Chakrabarty
Genre: Action movie
Duration: Two hours 31 min.

A south redo is so loaded with bob and turn that it helps one to remember cricket. It would appear to be all the terrible fellows are brimming with hot air; 1 touch & they are  flying around, turning like tops or skipping sufficiently high to crush into streetlights, also every one of those broken windshields & scattered drums. The saint is not human; it's he is from  some or Krypton outlandish planet where most lowlifess are harebrained and most connivances, doltish.

Furthermore Yoddha is the change of 1 such superhero flail, in which the main thing that is to a great degree clear from  very beginning is that the legend — Dev for this situation — is created of the same sort of titanium combination that is utilized within spaceships — he is essentially scratch-verification, water, discharge and weapon-safe and accompanies a truly long guarantee. He commits the error of kicking the bucket in one life, however is not the style who rehashes such errors; at any rate not in the wake of getting to view the rehash broadcast of his past lifetime in clear trucolour. Yet unfortunately, his chief opponent, Raghab, who can set Jack Ripper to disgrace any day with his affinity for savage killings, must have exchanged brains with a fowl in some prepuja trade mela. In this period of weapons and quick passings, he continues exchanging punches with the legend. What's more regardless of being incredibly wealthy (he possesses a sprawling house & a personal chopper!), the best arms he concocts is a spear! Be that as it may yes, conferred the way he tosses the weapon, India beyond any doubt loses a potential victor of that slippery Olympic gold with his end. What a waste...

That being said, u must have got the float at this point. Yoddha is a more than two hour-long brainless adrenaline surge with great cinematography and fabulous visual impacts. The flashback, which is situated in an antiquated kingdom, is loaded with fabulous 3d visuals of castles, imperial patios, a coliseum and a problematically set level profound in the Himalayas with an immense statue of Rudra — the warrior manifestation of Lord Shiva. What's more the clearly virtual symbolism is to a great degree practical. Indeed the music by Indraadip Dasgupta & Savvy Gupta is great. With respect to acting, the best of the parcel is maybe Nigel, who definitely makes us detest him in both his lives. With respect to the lead pair, Dev satisfies his "saint" picture with a considerable measure of smooth moving & hard punches & Mimi is all sizzles & grins. Her depiction of feelings amid frantic in-affection scenes is additionally great. Concerning the supporting cast, Kanchan is his typical interesting self, while Rajatava as a Mughal (?) conquerer and an angler is in the same class as his parts permit him to be. In smal, all the "reborn" performing artists pretty much defend their two lives.

What frustrate are the bounced in the storyline, particularly in the climactic arrangement, when the lead pair ride out of a house in north Bengal on a motorbike & finish high up in  Himalayas before long! Geology has maybe never been this misused.

Rationale separated, Yoddha is a movie you can watch in the event that you love shouting your head off each time a terrible fellow gets whipped. It's a zesty treat worshipped hot with a mug of foaming chilled brewskie. Bite, taste and host a get-t.

Yoddha The Warrior reviews

Yoddha The Warrior is surely an upcoming a new motion along with enchantment form film
on kolkata bengali film sector this also the first time knight centered
film & the film is actually focused simply by Raj Chakraborty & the film in addition below
the banner ad Shree Venkatesh Videos Constrained.
The particular film is actually rebuilding simply by telugu diner strike block-baster film
"Magadheera" this also film major actively playing functions are usually Dev along with Mimi
Chakraborty along with there are a brand-new used upcoming bengali flick subject is actually
"Yoddha-The Warrior".

Dev along with Mimi Chakraborty could be the brand-new used and it's also economic crisis flick connected with
their. First of all the flick major spreading was Dev along with Rukmini Maitra. Although
out of the blue heroine spreading offers modified along with updating Mimi Chakraborty.

The particular film main taking pictures place citys or even nation within Of india this also
film will be released on might be past amount of time in this coming year connected with 2014.

Yoddha bengali movie info and pic

Yoddha -- Your Enthusiast is surely an future Bengali activity historical-romance video associated with 2014. Your movie is really a reprise associated with the year just gone Telugu blockbuster video Magadheera offering Ram Charan Teja as well as Kajal Agarwal. Your movie is actually aimed simply by Raj Chakraborty. In the movie, Dev will likely be observed opposite Mimi Chakraborty intended for the very first time. Shree Venkatesh Movies is actually producing the actual movie, as well as Jeet Ganguly is actually directing the actual audio.
Aimed simply by Raj Chakraborty
Made by Shree Venkatesh Movies Pvt Ltd
Account simply by Dependant on Magadheera
Starring Dev
Mimi Chakraborty
Neha Kakkar
Rajatava Dutta
Audio simply by Indraadip Dasgupta as well as Intelligent
Cinematography Shubhankar Bhar
Edited simply by Rabi Ranjan Maitra
Discharge days 2014
Nation Indian
Words Bengali

Bengali Babu English Mem movie info

Cast: Soham Chakraborty,  Mimi Chakraborty, Laboni Sarkar, Saswati Guha Thakurata, and Biswajit Chakraborty
Direction: Ravi Kinagi
Genre: Loving Comedy
Duration: 2 time 25 minutes

History summary
Bangali babu Madhusudan Dutta's only desire is to get married to a North america mem and carry her at house as a award of his accomplishment. To recognize his desire, he requires off to North america. Ambitious clothing developer Ria, too, is all set to engage in a degree course there. Madhusudan and Ria keep thumping into each other...

If Bollywood does, can Tollywood be far behind? Of course, not! Now around, home Ravi Kinagi requires a phase further and looks for motivation from a Punjabi loving funny, Jatt and Juliet, which he has pleasantly garnished with a nice scattering of Hum Tum, a piece of Aa Ab Laut Chalen and a sprint of Na Tum Jaano Na Hum. And there you go... The mixture is prepared to be provided — Tolly ishtyle!

Madhusudan Dutta (Soham) or Madhu, as his buddies adoringly contact him, first satisfies Ria (Mimi) at the migrants workplace in Kolkata. Madhu, who does not know ABC of British, demands Ria to help him complete his types. They fulfill again at manchester international terminal and Madhu bores Ria with his chit-chat all the way to North america. They end up battling and believe never to combination each other's routes ever. But as fortune would have it, both area up at the same position as renters. Meanwhile, Ria connects her sessions, while Madhu areas the job of a prepare at a Arabic cafe.

One day, Jill, a North america lady, comes at Ria and Madhu's residence, who changes out to be their landlady Kathy's (Saswati Guha Thakurata) step-daughter. Ria demands Madhu to recommend Jill for wedding. All terrible smashes reduce when Madhu numbers that Jill has to go to African-american. Madhu places her. Kathy brings both of them out. Next, Madhu discovers Ria operating as a prepare at the same cafe.

Days go by... Eventually, Ria and Madhu come nearer, but both do not confess it. Here comes a perspective in the tale. Get into Leader Vikram (surprise, surprise!), Ria's future husband, who now wants to take Ria at house. What happens next? Will Ria and Madhu, eventually, discover love? Well, that's for you to discover out.

Performance-wise, both Soham and Mimi have done a excellent job. With his simple and childlike experience, Soham draws off his comedian stances well, but falters a bit in the psychological moments. And unfortunately when he tries to tremble a leg, one can only keep in mind Warm Deol at his best. Remember those 'earth-shattering steps' in the songs Yaara o yaara from Jeet? Mimi, however, looks fairly as regular, parading around the roads of Calgary in fashionable outfits. No question the lady can act, but she too needs to develop her dance abilities a bit. Mature stars like Biswajit Chakraborty, Laboni Sarkar and Saswati Guha Thakurata add their bit to the tale.

However, there are a few inconsistencies in the tale — a few described in hurry, later. For example, how could someone, who has not even eliminated his Category X examinations, get a charge for North america so easily? And not only that, he side bags a job, an housing and also controls to woo a North america lady with equivalent convenience.

The best aspect about the movie is its dialogues. The way Madhu with confidence converses in incorrect British is very funny. The humor attracts all and comes across as a breathing of clean air among areas of dullness. The first 50 percent draws a lot.

Music by Dabbu and Rishi Chanda is a combined bag. The songs Sweetie rabbit is appealing, while one can hum along with Hawara chupi chupi. The relax is just about regular.

True, that almost every movie has cliches. But then, trying to create biryani out of khichdi, basically, is no mean task. Bangali Babu British Mem is value a dekko.

Proloy movie

Mimi Chakraborty

Raj Chakraborty

Music Director: 
Indradip Dasgupta
Shree Venkatesh Films
Shrikanta Mahota
 Baba Yadav
Action:  Judo Ramu
 Rocky Rajesh

Release:   9 August,   2013

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Full song Proloy picture

Galpo Holei Sotti started shooting for the film

Soham together with Mimi's pairing was considerably appreciated in Bojhena Shey Bojhena. That pair also received applause
with Birsa Dasgupta whose Galpo Holei Sotti way too sees them sharing display. Soham as well as Mimi are both working together with Ravi Kinagi for when and of course both advisors are much excited to synergy with the sought when Tolly director.

Mimi plays a trend designing student who chances upon Soham inside visa office. Soham plans to leave the united states for Canada when the 2 main discover their love for any other. The story revolves available their love story amidst most of the confusion.

The team is now shooting in Bally along with the actors will be shooting just the summer domestic.

Each and every man believe soham together with mimi movie is hit since the device is acting acceptable with bangali language people. Current time mimi and soham are generally best liking in kalkata together with Bangladesh. Mimi super attack is by Serial Ganer safari of star jalsha TELEVISION SET and Bojhena sha Bojhena dvd and sohma super legend is by Amanush dvd in kalakata and Bangladesh most people.

Birsa dasgupta opens in place about his remake with Pizza

A pizza buy in Southern Avenue? Properly, everybody passing from there thought so just to realize later that it was eventually a set designed just by Tanmoy Chakraborty for Birsa Dasgupta's dvd Golpo Holeo Sotti that is generated by Shree Venkatesh Films which often stars Soham and Mimi inside lead. "No one believed that this was a make shift pizza shop designed for the film's shoot. Tanmoyda is doing a brilliant job, for an art director. Inside a half constructed building that's glass windows he transformed it for a real pizza shop. Infact a lot of people who were passing just by came inside and sought after pizza, inch laughed Birsa.

Talking more regarding the film the director smart, "The film is approximately Rudra (Soham), the pizza delivery boy and then a ghost novel writer Anuradha (Mimi). The film starts with the love story. The lovebirds will be in a live-in relationship. The film swallows a turn when Rudra goes toward a particular house to produce a pizza. Strange things happen along with the film turns into some sort of horror flick. This horror thriller goes into Rudra's psychological condition where he starts considering whether Anuraddha exists really or not. inch

Rajatava Dutta (Ratul Ghosh) plays internet websites the pizza shop even though Nil Mukherjee essays Lala, the chef in the shop. Posupoti, the cashier's purpose is played by Debapratim Dasgupta. "The a few friends- Rudra, Lala and Posupoti contains a fight which we shot on Monday along with the scene is crucial as being the fight has an uncanny chek out the horror elements shown inside film later. Nil is sporting some sort of neck brace because he previously suffered a grave injury in the fight, inch said Birsa. Your dog added, "For the first time My organization is making a horror film the industry thriller too and it can be quite difficult. Whilst shooting this film I saw it to take too many shots- the procedure, the camera angle along with the making is completely totally different from my previous films. inch

The director is just about all praise for Soham. "I has been little jittery to thrown Soham, but after working together with him, I am 100 % bowled. He is just about the most obedient actor I been employed by with so far, inch smiled Birsa.

For when Birsa is a creating a South remake. How should it feel, we ask that director? "I can't fathom precisely what is the issue with "South remake"? Nothing nowadays is original other as compared to your dreams. Let people be clear, I am adapting in the film Pizza (bought the rights too) not copying it. It is not really plagiarism! We liked the film and I am making it inside my own way, time period. inch.