Proloy movie

Cast:  Parmbrata, 
Mimi Chakraborty & Others

Director:  Raj Chakraborty

Music Director:  Indradip Dasgupta
Producer:  Shree Venkatesh Films
Presenter: Shrikanta Mahota
Choreographer: Baba Yadav
Action:  Judo Ramu & Rocky Rajesh

Release:   May be August,  2013

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Full song Proloy picture

Galpo Holei Sotti started shooting for the film

Soham and Mimi's pairing was much appreciated in Bojhena Shey Bojhena. The pair also received applause
from Birsa Dasgupta whose Galpo Holei Sotti too sees them sharing screen. Soham and Mimi are both working with Ravi Kinagi for the first time and of course both of them are much excited to team up with the sought after Tolly director.

Mimi plays a fashion designing student who chances upon Soham in the visa office. Soham plans to leave the country for Canada when the two discover their love for each other. The story revolves around their love story amidst all the confusion.

The team is currently shooting in Bally and the actors will be shooting for a few domestic.
Information The times of India

Every man believe soham and mimi movie is hit because it is acting acceptable in bangali language   people  .  Present time mimi and soham are best liking in kalkata and Bangladesh. Mimi super hit is by Serial Ganer opera of star jalsha TV  and Bojhena sha Bojhena movie and sohma super star is by Amanush movie  in kalakata and Bangladesh people.

Birsa dasgupta opens up about his remake of Pizza

A pizza shop in Southern Avenue? Well, everyone passing from there thought so only to realize later that it was a set designed by Tanmoy Chakraborty for Birsa Dasgupta's film Golpo Holeo Sotti produced by Shree Venkatesh Films which stars Soham and Mimi in the lead. "No one believed that it was a make shift pizza shop made for the film's shoot. Tanmoyda has done a brilliant job, as an art director. In a half constructed building which has glass windows he transformed it to a real pizza shop. Infact many people who were passing by came inside and asked for pizza," laughed Birsa.

Talking more about the film the director informed, "The film is about Rudra (Soham), a pizza delivery boy and a ghost novel writer Anuradha (Mimi). The film starts with their love story. The lovebirds are in a live-in relationship. The film takes a turn when Rudra goes to a particular house to deliver a pizza. Strange things happen and the film turns into a horror flick. This horror thriller delves into Rudra's psychological disorder where he starts thinking whether Anuraddha exists in reality or not."

Rajatava Dutta (Ratul Ghosh) plays the owner of the pizza shop while Nil Mukherjee essays Lala, the chef in that shop. Posupoti, the cashier's role is played by Debapratim Dasgupta. "The three friends- Rudra, Lala and Posupoti has a fight which we shot on Monday and the scene is crucial as the fight has an uncanny link to the horror elements shown in the film later. Nil is sporting a neck brace because he had suffered a grave injury during the fight," said Birsa. He added, "For the first time I am making a horror film which is a thriller too and it is quite difficult. While shooting this film I had to take too many shots- the treatment, the camera angle and the making is completely different from my previous films."

The director is all praise for Soham. "I was little jittery to cast Soham, but after working with him, I am totally bowled. He is one of the most obedient actor I have worked with so far," smiled Birsa.

For the first time Birsa is a making a South remake. How does it feel, we ask the director? "I can't fathom what is the issue with "South remake"? Nothing in this world is original other than your dreams. Let me be clear, I am adapting from the film Pizza (bought the rights too) and not copying it. It is not plagiarism! I liked the film and now I am making it in my own way, period."

Life History of Mimi Chakraborty

Galpa Holeo Sotti

Old bangali movie, Now new version Galpa holeo sotti in 2013. Nice history.  
Galpa Holeo Satyi  is a 1966 comedic Bengali film directed by Tapan Sinha. It stars Bhanu Bannerjee, Jogesh Chatterjee, Bharati Devi, Chaya Devi, Ajoy Ganguli, Rabi Ghosh, Rudraprasad Sengupta. Later the film was remade in Hindi as Bawarchi, starring Rajesh Khanna in the title role.

Present time return Galpa Holeo Sotti in bangali movie kalkata, India.  

Birsa Dasgupta next project Golpo Holeo Sotti starring by Mimi Chakraborty and Soham. Golpo Holeo Sotti film Produced by shree Venkatesh film. Mimi chakraborty and Soham team up for the second time after Bojhena Shey Bojhena.This time its for Birsa Dasgupta Golpo Holeo Sotti,where Mimi plays a girl obsessed with horror films and books. “She Dreams of writing a book on horror and publishing its too”said Mimi. Birsa Dasgupta Golpo Holeo Sotti film is remake of Tamil film Pizza.At the same time its will be remake in Hindi film where Ajay Devgan and Vivek Oberoi will act.

A pizza shop in Southern Avenue? Well, everyone passing from there thought so only to realize later that it was a set designed by Tanmoy Chakraborty for Birsa Dasgupta’s film Golpo Holeo Sotti produced by Shree  Venkatesh Films which stars Soham and Mimi in the lead. “No one believed that it was a make shift pizza shop made for the film’s shoot. Tanmoyda has done a brilliant job, as an art director. In a half constructed building which has glass windows he transformed it to a real pizza shop. Infact many people who were passing by came inside and asked for pizza,” laughed Birsa.

Mimi Chakraborty seems to be having a blast on the sets of Birsa Dasgupta’s Golpo Holeo Sotti ,produced by shree Venkatesh films. with  Pizza, pasta, garlic, bread all around her, the actress diet has gone for complete toss.“The film is about Rudra (Soham) a pizza  delivery boy and a ghost novel writer Anuradha(Mimi Chakraborty) played by me. Rudra  and Anuradha are in a live in a relationship. The film starts on a romantic note,but takes a turn when Rudra goes to a particular house Deliver Pizza.Strange things happen and from then on,its all about horror.Rudra also start thinking if anuradha is for real,”says Mimi,who is scared of ghost.Its real fun to play Anuradha,who is just the opposite of me in real life also said Mimi Chakraborty.

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Gaaner Oparey song

Gaaner Oparey was a critically acclaimed Indian (Bengali) television serial which was aired on Star Jalsha
from 28 June 2010 to 16 April 2011. This TV musical marked the beginning of a yearlong celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of the great Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. This new concept was a brainchild of the famous Indian director Rituparno Ghosh. The songs were all popular Rabindra sangeets. Story : Anuja Chattopadhyay and Rituparno Ghosh Script : Rituparno Ghosh & Anuja Chattopadhyay Music : Debajyoti Mishra Singers : Anindya Narayan Biswas, Samantak Sinha, Sharmistha Paul, Soumyajit Das, Amrita Datta, Debashish Banerjee, Runu Dutta. Producer : Ideas Creations ( Prosenjit Chatterjee & Arpita Chatterjee ) Director : Joydeep Mukherjee
 Pupe/Sohini Deb : Mimi Chakraborty 
Gaaner oparey serial song

Mimi Chakraborty song

Sangeet Bangla Exclusive, Purulia te Proloy er shooting ey Mimi Chakrborty

 Film : Bojhena Shey Bojhena Starring : Soham, Mimi Chakraborty, Abir Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar & others. Producer : Shree Venkatesh Films Presenter : Shrikant Mohta & Mahendra Soni Direction : Raj Chakraborty. Music: Indraadip Dasgupta. Singer : Arijit Singh. Lyrics : Prosen.
Film : Bapi Bari Jaa. Starring : Arjun Chakraborty, Mimi Chakraborty, Anindya Chatterjee, Shalmi Barman, Dhruv Lal, Tista Dutta, Abhrajit Chakravarty, Bulbuli Panja, Biplab Banerjee, Tulika Bose, Srijit Mukherjee, Chaitali Dasgupta, Debesh Chatterjee & Kasturi Chatterjee. Producer : Shree Venkatesh Films Pvt. Ltd. & Ideas Creations & Productions Pvt.Ltd. Presenter: Shrikant Mohta & Prosenjit Chatterjee. Bapi Bari Ja Director: Abhijit Guha & Sudeshna Roy. Music: Jeet Gannguli. Singer: Shaan & Monali Thakur. Lyrics:

Anindya Chatterjee.

Mimi meets news paper

‘I miss the lights and camera
Mimi ‘pupe’ chakraborty’s life after gaaner oparey.

The TV-watching world still knows her as Pupe from the STAR Jalsha mega Gaaner Oparey. Perhaps that’s why actress Mimi Chakraborty doesn’t want to take up any offer unless there is enough in it for her. A t2 chat with Mimi, better known as Pupe, on life after Gaaner Oparey…

Do you miss Gaaner Oparey?

Yes, a lot. I had started shooting for Gaaner Oparey exactly a year ago. I miss those days badly; getting up early in the morning and going to the sets. I miss the lights and camera, the hustle and bustle on the sets.

How has the show changed your life?

It didn’t change me as a person much, I am still the same. But yes, now I can’t walk on the streets carefree like I used to because people recognise me and come up to me to talk. I love travelling in autos but I can’t do that now; I miss auto rides. I loved tucking into phuchkas in a crowded marketplace near my home (Netajinagar); I give that a miss too. After Gaaner Oparey got over, I went to my ancestral home in Jalpaiguri, but I couldn’t stay there more than three days!


Because every evening there would be guests at home. They would want to see Pupe (her character from Gaaner Oparey) in person. My cousins would get their friends over to our place to meet me. There would be people waiting outside my house from early morning and they would urge my grandmother to get me to the balcony so that they could catch a glimpse of me. I found all this very odd. I wasn’t at all comfortable. I was very embarrassed because that’s my home and these people have seen me grow up in front of their eyes. So I came back.

Do you still get compliments for being Pupe?

Yes, I do. It is such a heady feeling each time. It’s nice that even after two months people remember the serial.... Rituparno Ghosh was there on the first day of the shoot. We were supposed to have a cut midway through the action, but he let it roll and we took the entire sequence at one go. When the shot was over, he came and hugged me. He said that he didn’t allow a cut because he didn’t want to disturb my flow; the shot was perfect. Coming from him, that was a huge moment for me.

Are you in touch with your Gaaner Oparey co-actors?

Yes, definitely. I am in touch with Arjun and Gaurav (Chakrabarty), also Tintin (Indrasish) and Anindita (Bose). We go to each other’s places for adda and also chat a lot over phone. All of us regularly check the Gaaner Oparey community on Facebook, and would you believe it, we still get comments about our characters there! It’s great fun to check it everyday.

So, what keeps you busy now?

While Gaaner Oparey was on, I used to end up shooting 18-20 hours a day. Now I have lots of time. Now I don’t miss my afternoon naps! I hit the gym in the morning and surf the Net a lot. I also do some painting at home.

Any offers for mega serials?

There are a few, but unless they are very good I don’t want to do anything either on TV or in films.

No wish to act opposite Jeet or Dev?

I don’t mind being part of a Dev or a Jeet film but they should not only be their films. It should also be Mimi’s film.

Have you finished your graduation?

Yes, I have just appeared for my final exams and I want to do my masters but that depends on my results.

Dream role: “Would love to play a physically challenged character someday.
 Reference : The  Telegraph Nesw paper  2011