About Mimi Chakraborty

Date of Birth -- 11 February
Birthplace -Jalpaiguri a little town in North Bengal
Mimi spent her years as a child in Arunachal Pradesh with parents due to her father's job.. After couple of years in Arunachal Pradesh your woman with her family shifted to Jalpaiguri and she finished her schooling in Northern Bengal.
Schooling: St. Jame's Senior high school, Binnaguri
Graduation: English Hons through Ashutosh College, Kolkata.
She's the younger daughter associated with her parents.

Television Functions:
Champion (Akash Bangla)
Gaaner Opaarey (Star Jalsha)

Bapi Bari Jaa (07 Dec, 2012)
Bojhena Shey Bojhena (28 Dec, 2012)

Mimi, before beginning her acting career, did modelling for couple of days. She participated in Femina Skip India, and was within Top 20 (east). An extremely funny and interesting trivia -- Femina was her first ever ramp with no proper grooming, and in those days she didnot have anything 2 buy a ramp footwear, so had to be lent one.
She also strolled the ramp for Chandrani Pearls.

The woman's acting debut was along with Champion, that was aired upon Akash Bangla and your woman played the role "Diya" a girl of todays era. Diya was a really snoopy and modern woman, who falls in love wit a man named Aadi in the woman's new neighbourhood. The man had a childhood buddy Emon. Diya was kind of jealous of her, as well as thn the story proceeds and spins around buddies. Diya finally leaves Aadi as well as go abroad as your woman realizes whom he enjoys actually.

Her second task was every bengali's the majority of favourite classic show "Gaaner Opaarey", made by Ideas Creations. It had been aired on Star Jalsha through 28 June, 2010 in order to 16 April, 2011.

Gaaner Opaarey, had been the musical journey in between two artists, bohemian Gora and conventional Pupe and their love and within the whole process reinventing Tagore's "music". The story revolved around a woman called Pupe from a good orthodox Tagore-worshipping family as well as Gora, an extremely gifted but care-free lad, who keeps on tinkering with Rabindra sangeet. Now exactly what intrigued was: never the actual twain shall meet? This TV show marks the start of a-year-long celebration of 150th delivery anniversary of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore.
Gaaner Opaarey was for those who understand Rabindranath, his tunes, his poems, his knowledge of love and life. The show soon became favourite show from the educated and sophisticated bengalis accross the world, since it was different from the ordinary serials that was running in a variety of TV channels and had been thought provoking and gifted Rabindranath's teachings inside a new way. It was path breaking and brought a brand new set of viewers to TV and achieved "cult" standing.. The serial created an excellent awarness among the youthful generations about Tagore, their philosophy and music. Most of all it revolutionised Rabindrasangeet, and managed to get popular amongst youth who earlier shunned from Tagore songs thinking it to become out of fashion.
It had been initially scripted by Rituparno Ghosh as well as later by Anuja Chattopadhyay as well as was directed by Joydeep Mukherjee. The actual music director was Debojyoti Mishra.

Gaaner Opaarey experienced outstanding cast, a mixture of veteran actors and beginners that included Mimi Chakraborty in whose combined effort and great act made all of the characters immortal.

Mimi potrayed the role of Pupe(one of the very critical, yet a stunning characterisation), a very gifted singer, belonging to a good orthodox Tagore worshipping loved ones, who used to perform Rabindrasangeet in traditional type in concurrence with the woman's family values. Pupe was regarded as the torch bearer of Sonar Tori's(name of the home she belonged to) custom and culture.. Her insecurities because of the absence of her dad from childhood, made her more cocooned and she lead an extremely sheltered and dependent existence. She was being trained from her very years as a child days, to lead a existence the Sonar Tori's way and individual way of thinking was not allowed to build up in her. Sonar Tori throttled Pupe's personal sense of living. Pupe could never think independently that which was 'right' or 'wrong' on her, neither had the capacity to judge and decide on her behalf own. This brainwashed woman, after series of battles with Gora, and resistence through within, fell in adore with him, a very talented bohemian lad that dared to experiment as well as sing Rabindrasangeet in their own way. But it was pre-decided through her family that she would get married to Prodipto, a classy cultured gentleman. After obtaining betrayed by her grandpa on Maghotsav day, Pupe finally revolts and after fighting alone with the whole culture, gets back her adore, establishes herself as youthful independent girl of the current generation. Mimi was absolutely phenomenal in this complicated role, which experienced various shades of timidity, indecisiveness, stubbornness, low self-esteem, egoism, introvert nature simultaneously had shades of simpleness, innocence, romanticism, and within later stage, shades associated with anger, betrayal, agony, discomfort, suffering, then finally the truly amazing rebellion, retaliation and battling back.. Pupe grew from the timid introvert dependent woman to today's confident, strong independent personality and also the journey was beautifully potrayed through Mimi. Mimi was exceptionally brilliant in most the emotions and created Pupe iconic.

Mimi's debut film is actually BAPI BARI JAA and she's the female lead, Dola. The film has been jointly produced by Prosenjit Chatterjee's manufacturing house, Ideas Creations as well as Shree Venkatesh Films. Aimed by Sudeshna Roy as well as Abhijit Guha, Story as well as Script by Padmanabha Dasgupta as well as music by Jeet Ganguly. The Film can also be the silverscreen debut of Arjun Chakrabarty(better referred to as Gora, the male protagonist through Gaaner Opaarey) who performed the role of Bapi, the actual male lead. Bapi Bari Jaa launched on 7th December, 2012 and also have been praised by the majority of critics and loved through audience too.

Bojhena Shey Bojhena, aimed by Raj Chakraborty is actually Mimi's second film, Abir Chatterjee, Soham Chakraborty as well as Payel Sarkar are co-stars. Launched on 28 December, 2012. The film may be the official remake of Tamil superhit inch Engaeyum Eppothum ". Along with 100% positive reveiws as well as great feedback from viewers, the film is among the biggests hits of 2012.

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Mimi Chakraborty flower to fame by actively playing the role of "Pupe", the feminine lead in mega serial Gaaner Oparey, that was aired on Star Jalsha through 28 June, 2010, in order to 16 April, 2011. Suggestions Creations, the production house of Prosenjit Chatterjee as well as Star Jalsha launched the serial "Gaaner Opaarey" to pay for tribute to Rabindranath Tagore upon his 150th birth wedding anniversary. The likes of Rituparno Ghosh(who had been initial scriptwriter of Gaaner Oparey), Debojyoti Mishra(Music Director), along with other noted personalities from Film Industry were associated with the project. and this particular marked Mimi's rise in order to stardom. Her tremendous overall performance made Pupe a classic creation on television.

Although her acting Debut had been with mega serial "Champion" broadcast on Akaash Bangla, exactly where she played the part "Diya", a young woman of today's generation, Gaaner Opaarey was the actual turning point of Mimi's profession and gave her all of the limelight and accolades through different sections. She has received several awards on her wonderful potrayal of Pupe with this epic.

Films: "Bapi Bari Jaa" (released upon 07 December, 2012)
"Bojhena Shey Bojhena" ( launched on 28 December, 2012)

Mimi Chakraborty is considered to be probably the most promising young female actor of the generation and this fanclub would be to celebrate and be see to her long as well as bright career in acting department and become there as a assistance system!


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